What we do?

We improve skills!


The Hockey Performance Centre is a knowledge institute for the treatment and prevention of injuries. As director and co-practitioner, we will look for the best medical specialist, should this need arise. On a paramedical level, we have all required expertise available in-house. As a team, we will ensure that injuries are prevented as much as possible, and we work on having athletes back in shape and on the field as soon as possible.


Using state-of-the-art equipment and scientific data analysis, we can create tailor-made programmes to enhance the individual or team performances. We apply the most recent developments in the field of testing and training, such as visual performance registration – because seeing things faster means reacting quicker.


Hockey is ideally suited to realise goals with vulnerable target groups, such as the elderly, or problem children/adolescents. It enables the improvement of vitality in the broadest sense of the word.

We want to share our knowledge. The Hockey Performance Centre is not a ‘secret society’, we want to be open and accessible, allowing innovations to fully develop. Our cooperating partners are trainers and educators, both in the Netherlands and abroad. In our research, we cooperate with educational institutes, businesses and scientific organisations, such as the TU/e, Delft University, Avans college, Fontys, ASML and Philips.

We conduct our research and development activities in our lab and on the playing fields at our location. This is where we devise, develop and test the new products, facilities and potential interventions.
The Dutch province of North Brabant has already eight active FieldLabs, working within the Sports and Technology cluster; they are all closely linked and exchange knowledge and experiences about the innovative developments in the sport.


We’re not just talk, we actually do what we say we do. We actively share our knowledge during conferences, educational events, workshops and clinics.

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