Penalty corner

3D analysis SIMI

The Hockey Performance Centre has a 3D analysis system (SIMI 3D motion) to analyze the penalty corner, the drag flick, into detail to see where still improvements can be made.

Video analysis

Let a specialist, like Mink van der Weerden, review your drag flick by sending a video of your penalty corner to the Hockey Performance Centre. Receive the feedback and get started with improving your skills!

Technical training

The penalty corner, the drag flick, is a very technical movement which can be improved by having the right technical guidance. Do you have interest in training from a specialist like Mink van der Weerden to improve your drag flick and make it even better? We arrange a training for individuals or groups as you desire.

Physical training

It will help to not only improve the technique, but also the physical component of the drag flick and be optimally prepared to push as fast as possible! Balls will go faster with the right physical training specific for the penalty corner and besides, it will prevent for injuries.


The Hockey Performance Centre likes to share the knowledge about the penalty corner with others. Would you for example like Mink van der Weerden to tell about the penalty corner in combination with a technique and physical session, please contact us!

Are you interested in one or more of these services,

please contact us and we will help you further.