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The Hockey Performance Centre was founded by combining a number of forces. The founding principle of our organisation is the desire to achieve performance improvements in field hockey in the broadest sense of the word, both on a team and individual level, and both for professional and recreational players.

The Hockey Performance Centre was founded in 2016, after its members had gathered years of experience in the field of paramedical support, working with Dutch top teams and several national field hockey leagues. This centre is a unique combination of paramedical disciplines, motion scientists, people developing innovations and training practices, all aimed at the improvement of performances of individual players and field hockey teams. Our activities take place in our SportFieldLab, at our facility in Eindhoven. We also work on-site, at clubs for example.

The Hockey Performance Centre is always looking for innovative partners who can help us develop new sports-related products and/or services, or offer contributions to the services we provide. So, if you have an idea that you think would benefit from our cooperation and that would be good for the further development of our sport, we would be pleased to hear from you.


The Hockey Performance Centre tries to apply knowledge, focused research and innovative developments to improve the performances in the world of field hockey and the sport’s international field hockey players.


We will achieve our mission by staying on top of things, familiarising ourselves with all actual developments in the world of field hockey. We will think out of the box, and we will be guided by solid research and data analysis. We will cooperate with specialised parties in and outside our network, looking for the most suitable way to implement performance-enhancing innovations.

Our team

Paul Maas:
Fieldlab Manager
Master Sportfysiotherapeut

Wilco Hameetman:
Operationeel Fieldlab Manager
Embedded Scientist

Willem Boerenkamp:
Physical Performance Manager

Mink van der Weerden:
Performance Trainer

Frank Hagenaars:
Performance Trainer
Master Sportfysiotherapeut

Laura Nunnink:
Performance Trainer

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